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Friday, May 8, 2009

selfish list

Many of you ask us what you could bring or send us, so I am posting a SELFISH LIST. There is obviously not pressure to bring or send anything, but if I post it once, you’ll know :-). THANK YOU!!!!

If you decide to get one of the major items (besides the seeds and fun food stuff), let me know so we don’t get more than we need.

For the school:
-Tempo- powdered insecticide (in the Midwest we can get at Runnings or Fleet Farm)
-Battery Acid tester
-Welding mask (1)
-SEEDS-kohlrabi (they ate the leaves on this thinking it was purple rape and loved it!), rhubarb, musk melon, honey dew, spinach, leaf lettuce, different varieties of the usual (purple carrots for example). Please make sure it is THIS YEAR’S SEED.

For us:
-Headphones for an mp3 player
-French press, ours broke :(
-HP 74 or 74xl ink cartridges
-Magazines-Reader’s Digest, Parenting, People, Time, anything fairly recent (maybe a newspaper?)
-Oil, air, and fuel filters for 1992 Toyota Land Cruiser-we can get at Toyota dealer here, but they are about $40 a filter! The other ones are cheaper, and well, cheaper! There is a lot of wear and tear just to get to the school, so we need some decent ones. They don’t have to be from a dealer, but I think the ones at Wal-mart are even better than the ones at the cheapo places here.
-Dvds-comedies, adventure, whatever, used is fine! We have re-watched our small stack a few too many times.
-Crystal light
-Hot chocolate (a large container if possible, the packets don’t last us long)
-D Batteries
-Creamy peanut butter
-Cheerios, toddler snacks
-Jelly (grape, strawberry, rhubarb)
-Pasta mixes
-Soup mixes
-Sunflower nuts (the insides of the sunflower seeds)
-Crackers, fruit snacks for the kids
-Muffin mixes
-Coffee creamers or syrups
-Nestle Caramel Treasures
-Pedi-egg for the feet (the newer version with a handle)
-Mr. Clean Magic Erasers

For the Students:
Cybil wanted to get one of their Sunday school teachers a bible cover. They all received new NIV Study Bibles when they got here. So if you are looking for something to do for them, those might be good. They are hard cover bibles, don’t know what size covers would be needed.

Just a note for those coming on summer teams who will be bringing gifts for pastors. Please gift your gifts either to us or Pastor Henry before you give to any Pastor, student or worker. Often the workers especially will ask you for things, but have gotten it from others already. Robert usually gets numerous pairs of crutches each year; he got five pairs of boots last year (but only has one leg!). Witness got socks from many Americans last year, but 95% of the time is barefoot. It’s not that they can’t have the gifts, but we don’t want you to feel you have to give anything, feel cornered into giving. And we will have a better idea who has already gotten what, so others who have a need may get something as well.

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