"This life therefore, is not godliness but the process of becoming godly, not health but getting well, not being but becoming, not rest but exercise. We are not now what we shall be, but we are on the way. The process is not yet finished, but it is actively going on. This is not the goal, but it is the right road. At present, everything does not gleam and sparkle, but everything is being cleansed." --Martin Luther

Sunday, May 31, 2009

I got a text around 10 pm last night. Henry had to go all the way to Chongwe to Mr. DImenga’s farm to get water. He is the block man making all the blocks out here. He has a bore hole with a hose. The Nygwena pump was an old hand pump that they had to fill buckets, then pour into the tank. Not fun-especially at 10 pm!
So this morning he pulled up with the tank and we filled a large garbage can, watered all the chickens and rabbits, and kept a few five gallon pails here too. Everyone, including little Henry got a bucket bath before church. I also washed a load of diapers left from last Friday, did some dishes and filtered a little more water to drink. We’ve used the bath water, diaper water, and dishes water to keep the toilets flushing today.
We have both commented how it just wouldn’t be possible for a family our size to live out here with no water. It just consumes so much of your thought process as to how long this water has to last, when the next water is coming, what else can we use this water for… I suppose eventually you would get used to it and it would take less time, but I for sure am gonna be PRAISING GOD for water in another day or so!
Please pray Stewart would get the pump out before noon tomorrow so we can get it hooked up before bed! We will have to let the pump run for quite a while and let all the water drain out a few times to get the pipes cleaned back out after being empty for four plus days. The gardens are going to need that much water to get soaked up again too. Hopefully not too much has scorched and died. You can already see some damage to the plants, the flowers are stressed. It’s been really sunny and no heavy morning dew as of late to help.

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mom said...

Can't believe how big Hnery is getting. What a cute picture, sure the water felt good.