"This life therefore, is not godliness but the process of becoming godly, not health but getting well, not being but becoming, not rest but exercise. We are not now what we shall be, but we are on the way. The process is not yet finished, but it is actively going on. This is not the goal, but it is the right road. At present, everything does not gleam and sparkle, but everything is being cleansed." --Martin Luther

Thursday, October 28, 2010


I went to the Willmar house this morning and did my final walk/clean through. Hopefully I didn't forget anything...like a pile of dirt in the middle of the floor somewhere! I think it should be good, I kind of lost my gumption towards the end when I saw the light at the end of the tunnel. A huge, huge thank you to Cathy M. Last week she showed up at the garage sale to tell me she was coming to clean. PTL! She spent about six hours there that day, three to four just in the three bathrooms. There is just NO WAY I would have been able to do it this week. Things have been incredibly crazy this last month-two garage sales, the move, two houses to clean, school and kids, Stacey's benefit. I keep saying I just need to get through to November 1st. I am keeping things off the calendar that aren't school related for now (or at least trying to-two things already came up for next week...guess it never really ends.)

A THANK YOU the size of Mt. Everest doesn't even begin what to cover what we owe Dennis & Lynnie for sharing their house with us the past year. The Lord clearly orchestrated the timing and the details and everything else. We have been so blessed by the use of your home this past year. May the Father continue to lavish His blessings on you, favorite ones!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


TV is gone-PTL!!

2 of the 3 bird feeders left...

few leftover garage sale items

Here are a few items from the garage sale that didn't sell, but we'd like to move ASAP.

One of these will be donated to a benefit this weekend; so let us know which size you want!

We need to move this. Hitachi 64" HDTV. This was our main TV, it works great. It would just take up half our living room at the house in Kandi. We are asking $300/best offer.

Leave a comment or call me at (320) 444-6501.

Friday, October 22, 2010

So, since I don't want to do what I should be doing (cutting peppers), I thought I'd get these "after" pictures up.

As a reminder, here's a picture of the "before". Sorry it's so crappy-it's a picture of a picture-lots of flash.

and here...is the "after!"
(the flash wasn't on so it doesn't look as bright as it really is)

I gots me a dishwasher!

As you can see we opted for the green up top only. In the hallway it is the toasted cashew with the green over the paneling on the lower half. (you can see just a portion of that up above by the door)

Brian is also making a kitchen table and benches for us. We were going to do a booth in the corner, but decided on the table and benches instead. He is actually making longer benches than this and we will keep the smaller ones for adding in as needed on the ends.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Well, we are moved! It went pretty well on Saturday with a couple families that came over to help. We slept in the house that night and were able to get around! THANK YOU Helen for supper that night-a real meal-and I didn't have to make it!

Sunday Brian finished some stuff up at the other house and we made another load of piddly stuff to Kandi. We had to take back a bed to the store as it wouldn't fit down the steps; but we got it all taken care of. My mom had supper for us that night (THANKS mom!) and we decompressed just a little bit at their house.

On Monday morning the girls and I headed to the Science Museum of Minnesota to see the Dead Sea Scrolls. They leave on the 24th so we needed to get there. We went with another family and it was pretty neat. I had wanted to go as a family with Bri and all the boys-but it was a good thing we didn't. The Dead Sea Scrolls got long for all the kids, but they did like it. They spent another 2 hours in the rest of the museum and we could have been there all day and more to see it. Brian was working around the house mainly that day and got some more things finished. The boys went to play at another friends (THANKS Hahne). That night I worked on the garage sale a bit.

Monday I had gotten a call from the realtor wanting to show the Willmar house. I tried to explain it was not cleaned up, we had just moved: but he was insistent. So Tuesday AM I got up early and went to that house and cleaned for three hours; it was passable I guess. THANKS Amy for coming to help for a bit.

The rest of that day was spent doing more unpacking, getting the desk I needed and trying to keep everyone sane (especially me!). Brian was working out at the farm as the last of the corn was being combined.

Today is Wednesday. What's left? Some boxes in our room mainly; getting down to that last what should we do with this?? There's clean up outside too-empty bags and boxes, toys and bikes that will have to get in the shed sooner rather later for the winter. And the garage-that too is where unknown things are ending up.

I guess all we need now is snow, huh? Or maybe now that we are in, the house will sell...'cuz living in transition for 3 1/2 years isn't enough... Good thing God knows what He is doing and knows what we can handle. Please God-a little break would be nice!

We haven't gotten any school done this week, except the musuem visit. And yes, that kinda bugs me. As my life seems to be about unrealistic and unmet expectations, I was HONESTLY figuring we'd easily get to school again by Tuesday. Really, I was. I know, I know-but that is how I think and work. It's not like we are behind, and that this move isn't the EXACT reason why we started school in the middle of August...but I don't like to take too much time off. It's not good for the kids in the sense that it gets them out of the familiar routine. They've (me) all been acting out lately. Not listening, not doing what they know they have to--just I need some normalcy and attention type of stuff. THANKFULLY we are getting close!

I think I should be about as done as I am going to get here in the house by tomorrow night. Nothing on the calendar yet. Friday I will need to finish pricing and setting out the new items for the garage sale, which is on Saturday. Sunday is a planned day too with some visitors and then cleaning up the garage sale. We should be all ready to get back to "life" on Monday.

I hope anyway.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

WOW. What a 24 hours...

On Sunday we drove ALL THE WAY to Norwalk, which is just south of Des Moines. Oh yeah, then we drove ALL THE WAY back home-about 701 miles.
The first group of Zambian students that are at the IBC have been in the States for about two weeks and have another week here. We have known that they were coming for quite awhile and thought about going to see them, really for the kids’ sake and their processes of healings and goodbyes and all that. But still, we didn’t know. There was apprehension, obviously.
The students arrived in the Illinois at the end of September. The next day or so we received a call from them. Our friend who spent two months at the school in summer of ’09 had gone to see them. That morning she said they kept asking about us and when we were coming. That evening she finally just handed them her phone and said just call them! A few of them talked to Brian for a few minutes then when the one realized Ma wasn’t with him, they hung up on him! He says he knows how he rates now! Which I gotta tell ya, is still a little weird to me as I really didn’t spend as much time with them as he did. I sang with them and was around, but still, it’s just weird to me. Anyway, they called and I talked with four of the students and Lucy. We did the greeting-how are you? How is your family? And then they kept asking when we were going to come and see them. At this time we were still a little undecided, but this was definitely pushing (me) us to go. I just told them Iowa or Nebraska, maybe, we would have to see if it worked out.
We finally decided we had to go-the chances of seeing them ever again are pretty much nil. So it was important for the kids. And we have plenty of other friends in Iowa and our friend was coming from Indiana…so it was going to be good. There was of course apprehension about the whole thing, but it was ALL GOOOD in the end.
So we took this drive-about 6 hours for us to get there. We got to a park and let the kids play for awhile and took some pictures and run off a little energy. Then we nervously headed over to the church. Now remember, the students don’t know we are coming. We head into the church and the gym and finally one of the students noticed C & M. I can’t even describe the look on his face-someone else said it was like Christmas, but better. The next thing you know there are 14 students clamored around us and hugs and tears and laughs and handshakes and wow---what a blessing. I look over and the rest of the people there are just kind-of watching it all. It was just beautiful.
For the next 2 hours or so the students are loving on our kids. We had a meal, played games, talked, and caught up. Some of the boys were teasing C & M just like they always did, and the girls were loving on G & H. Other boys were running around with J, M & H. They can’t believe how big everyone is getting. I was steeling myself for the “you are getting fat” but I didn’t get one thankful (maybe they were reminded that it isn’t polite in America!), but C did. She was okay with it-she knew what they meant.
We greeted Iowa friends as well and had some good talks. It really just felt good to be loved, missed.
The service began with some worship from the church’s team and then the Zambians sang their way up and did some songs and some of the students gave their testimonies. They sang their way down and the service ended. We got some pictures and C was asking what was next-where they were staying, we were, etc. and I reminded her that we had to get back. “Oh, great,” she said, “more goodbyes” and started crying. So of course I did too! It’s like they knew it was coming, but there was the realization that in all likelihood we will never see this guys again-and they were such a part of our lives. It was hard. As the students came off the stage from some pictures they came over and started their goodbyes as they had to get going too. Oh again the tears started flowing.
It was good to say goodbye to Faith as she wasn’t there when we left last year. It was good to be encouraged by them, told they were praying for us, and again-just be loved and appreciated it. There were just good, sweet words spoken and felt all night. One of them told us as they left-“remember, we are one”. (A reference to a song they sang) I don’t know how all to describe the day-they were just so wonderful with the kids. Many talked with Brian and shared appreciation. It was SUCH. A. GREAT. DAY.
Of course, they want to know when we will be in Africa again!
There is so much more I could say, ‘cuz this post isn’t doing it justice. Such an awesome God we are called to obey. Such awesome blessings He provides, even amidst much pain.
We finally got on our way about 8:30 and there were tears in the van as we shared things they said and again talked about how this really is probably the last time we will see them. Oh, but it was so good to be there.
We headed up to Ames to see another friend-got there about 9:30 and visited and caught up until midnight. We then headed out, we were wide awake (or so it felt!). After about 1.5 hours we had to stop at a gas station and take a nap. About 4:30am we started driving again and ended up at home a little before 9.
A whirlwind, very long, but very refreshing 24 hours.
Pictures will be coming!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

volunteers needed!

Hey all-check this out, then hop over to www.staceywasikbenefit.blogspot.com to see how you can help. Bakers, servers, set up, silent auction donations, kids corner coordinator and advertising help are needed.
Thanks for sharing Christ's love with the Wasik family!

Click on the picture to make it larger to see)

Monday, October 4, 2010


You'd think that with the (first) garage sale done, things would feel settled down and all that.

Not. So. Much. So.

There's plenty of time, no rushes...but my insides still feel all "ahhh" as there are lots of things I want to get done. But some of them I can't do myself and I am being very good about keeping school as a top priority. It's just all the other little things that come along and add up and pile on and just life in general.

I guess I'll relax when I die! Haha. Wait...I won't need to then.