"This life therefore, is not godliness but the process of becoming godly, not health but getting well, not being but becoming, not rest but exercise. We are not now what we shall be, but we are on the way. The process is not yet finished, but it is actively going on. This is not the goal, but it is the right road. At present, everything does not gleam and sparkle, but everything is being cleansed." --Martin Luther

Sunday, May 31, 2009

I got a text around 10 pm last night. Henry had to go all the way to Chongwe to Mr. DImenga’s farm to get water. He is the block man making all the blocks out here. He has a bore hole with a hose. The Nygwena pump was an old hand pump that they had to fill buckets, then pour into the tank. Not fun-especially at 10 pm!
So this morning he pulled up with the tank and we filled a large garbage can, watered all the chickens and rabbits, and kept a few five gallon pails here too. Everyone, including little Henry got a bucket bath before church. I also washed a load of diapers left from last Friday, did some dishes and filtered a little more water to drink. We’ve used the bath water, diaper water, and dishes water to keep the toilets flushing today.
We have both commented how it just wouldn’t be possible for a family our size to live out here with no water. It just consumes so much of your thought process as to how long this water has to last, when the next water is coming, what else can we use this water for… I suppose eventually you would get used to it and it would take less time, but I for sure am gonna be PRAISING GOD for water in another day or so!
Please pray Stewart would get the pump out before noon tomorrow so we can get it hooked up before bed! We will have to let the pump run for quite a while and let all the water drain out a few times to get the pipes cleaned back out after being empty for four plus days. The gardens are going to need that much water to get soaked up again too. Hopefully not too much has scorched and died. You can already see some damage to the plants, the flowers are stressed. It’s been really sunny and no heavy morning dew as of late to help.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

day 2 no water

We finally got the pump pulled out at about noon today. I figured that if we did not have it in to Lusaka by noon we would have to wait until Monday. I was assured that we could get one so I had to hurry into Lusaka, so I did. Made really good time . Think NASCAR road race. I get there and wait for our guy for 45 minutes-- and then he tells me “ it is Saturday afternoon, everything is closed”. I just about bit my tongue off. So why did I hurry to town? I don’t know. I could have waited until Monday morning.
At the school today, Kelly had the ladies get her a pot of river water to boil so we could just have some water around to do some dishes, etc. We put it through our Ceradyn filter after it was boiled, so it is fine for washing. We are drinking bottled water, and I got some juice when I was in Lusaka, and we had pop also. Still no toilet flushing though. Well, okay, we got water from the tank and flushed down today’s deposits. One day without flushing is enough at a time.
On Monday Stewart is suppose to be bringing out the new pump and motor and we will put the well back together. Until then, Pastor Henry will be going to Nygwena to someone’s borehole pump to get more water. It’s pretty tough going to get to the river right now, the ladies bringing up water in 20 liter jugs on their heads. So, yes there will be a Day 3 without water but PRAYERFULLY not a Day 4. American team arrives on what better not be Day 5!

Friday, May 29, 2009


We could use some very specific prayers. Today the well pump quit working. I worked on it most of the morning, thinking it may be a wiring or breaker issue. I finally figured it was the pump. I was really hoping it was something else. And of course we are not close to the city (or in the states). You just don’t call up and have it taken care of same day. It is a process just like everything else. Tonight we are pulling the pump so we can bring it in so we can make sure we get the correct replacement. So that means we have had no water all day today and probably won’t tomorrow. We have been getting water from the river for the school and I have the 100 gal tank that I put up in the rafters so we are okay until tomorrow. There are no showers or baths, no flushing unless absolutely necessary. Ate on paper plates tonight and wiped up everyone with the wet wipes. We are praying by Sunday or Monday to have it up and pumping. By then the gardens are definitely going to need it. We have to get it going by Tuesday; the next American team will arrive here early afternoon. I will be going in to meet them at the airport in the early am.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


(This year they were working on a bathhouse)

We just want to publically thank the Dover, Delaware church for their kindness to us! They blessed our socks off by bringing over TWO suitcases of American goodies!! Fruit snacks, a 6 lb. can of peanut butter (didn’t know they made them that big!), jelly, hot chocolate, and just lots of goodies!! They left their coffee and French Press from Starbucks, a few movies for the kids (Bolt, Marley & Me, Milo & Otis, Davey & Goliath Series), some headphones for the mp3, tools for us and the school, and some medical supplies for future teams to hold clinics and to keep for the school.

There was plenty of excitement for this team too, as Brian and the students killed a 7 foot long green mamba that had reared up at the kitchen ladies then slithered into the eating area!

the hair

The braids are gone, and this was the result. Now, I did a dumb thing. Due to our busy schedule, I did not wash my hair right after it was taken out. Not until a day and a half later (read: slept on it 2 nights). Well, we I finally washed and conditioned I had a matted rat’s nest. It took all day to comb it out. Literally. I could only handle so much pulling. I was ready to shave it down and just wear extensions and wigs until it grew out, but Brian wouldn’t let me. So, next time I do something, I plan to be MUCH MORE CAREFUL when I take them out!


So the beginning of this journey had somewhat to do with being comfortable. We didn’t want to be-we wanted more, wanted to be stretched. I had the scary thought that I was getting comfortable again, already. How is that possible when I feel stretched to the max most days?
Maybe just feeling comfortable in our College Campus Church. Enjoying how things are going…why try to get more people to come? This church is just for the college…or so we get caught up in thinking. We do want more of the surrounding people to come. But we don’t really have the relationships with people to get them here; neither do most of the students as they aren’t from this area either. So what do we have to do? Make relationships. Yep, I’ll fit that into my schedule. Or so my excuse goes.
Now it seems we are back in the mode of just going through the days and survive. We get up, hit the ground, and pass out at the end of the day. Self-leadership fails again.

the vision

We were recently talking to one of the pastors who came over here to teach. We were talking about life here and everything else. He asked us, “is it hard to keep the vision in sight when you are this close?” or something similar. Wow. Never thought of it that way. But that is exactly it. It is extremely difficult to be the one on the ground seeing everything. See how things work…or don’t. And then having to be the one who explains that it doesn’t and why. Being perceived as the negative one because we can see that parts of the vision won’t or just can’t work. We get so absorbed in the day to day issues, that we don’t get to see the grander vision of what is going on. Maybe (hopefully) that is because we are the only ones (Americans) here right now. Once Paul and Lori come hopefully we will all be able to remind ourselves of why we are here.

newsy stuff

We have a new gal helping us! Did I say that already? I really don’t remember anymore. Her name is Vanessa and she just finished grade 12. She lives across the river, so once the next rainy season comes, we’ll have to see what happens, but that is a way off. Right now she is here 8:30 to 12:30 each day just keeping things straight and dishes done. She could probably stay all day to get everything done. After summer teams are done, she’ll stay longer and cook and clean up lunch too. Lori and Paul will then be staying with us too, so she’ll probably help with laundry as our washing machine barely keeps up with us, let alone two more people! From the first day I knew she was coming, I have felt a lot less frazzled!
FINALLY….we are all done with our vehicle work!! It is in our name, the certificates are done, and everything else! The only other personal business we know have is to get our alien registration cards, which we can do in Chongwe one morning.
Witness’s wife had her baby a few weeks ago. We haven’t made it to visit yet, just haven’t had the time! Her name is Greta. A long time ago our Greta told Witness it was Brian if a boy and Greta if a girl. Then Patrick’s wife had a baby and Greta said she could be Greta too. We never saw Witness after that to tell him, so now there are three Gretas!
Ever been driving along the road all alone? Like really alone? Like no one walking on the side or riding bike? No one for miles? Well, that doesn’t happen here. There are always people walking somewhere or riding their bikes (often with 4-6 bags of charcoal on them!)

the crud

For the last week a flu like bug has been going through the house. A lot of stomach cramps, vomiting a little and diarrhea. I think a lot of it is we have all gotten run down. Trying to keep up with everything needed for the teams and our own stuff at the house. I think it has just been too much. The kids have been falling asleep earlier and earlier ever night. Usually 4 of the 7 fall asleep during the evening services. Myron actually walked up front, laid on the floor under the table and was out cold. I will sit down after lunch and often fall asleep. We are trying to figure out a routine/grove but it is difficult. The days often start a little after 6 am and don’t get done until 8 or 9 pm. Henry has not been sleeping well at all, those teeth just don’t want to come in and he has a nasty cold. And as everyone knows, if the baby doesn’t sleep well, mom and dad don’t sleep well. Today Mariah and I have come down with it, so I have not left the house today. Kel had it the last couple of days as well as Mya. Even Joe had it about two weeks ago. Now, he NEVER got flu bugs in the States, even when the whole rest of the family had it. At least we are in between groups right now; the next group comes in Tuesday morning early so I have to leave here by around 5 am to pick them up.


Had an interesting conversation with a national pastor the other day about alcohol. He had made the statement that you can not be a Christian and drink in the African culture. Wow, that is quite the statement. It caused a discussion about the fact that the bible talks about alcohol (wine) and that it was accepted. Drunkenness is a sin not drinking. According to him, it is one in the same in this culture. To a large degree he is right, if Africans drink, they tend to drink for days, at least the ones out here do. There is no such thing as moderation. Just like with many other things it is an all or nothing approach. In some ways it simplifies things if you have that philosophy but you come dangerously close to a pharisaical mentality. It is good to have standards, don’t get me wrong. But to say you can not be a Christian it a very bold statement. The question that has come to my mind is, does culture supersede Scripture or does Scripture supersede culture? In this instance they are ignoring parts of scripture because the culture can not handle that part, or at least they think they can not. And maybe they can’t and they speak from experience. I guess as a pastor you are to protect your flock but are you supposed to protect them from themselves?
Or am I way off and nothing seems odd about any of this? I know that something inside of me did not sit right when having this discussion and I am still working on coming to some conclusions. This doesn’t have to just be about alcohol, which was just the issue that came up. Are there are others where culture says no, but bible says yes you can? Of course as Paul says, not everything that is permissible is beneficial, but that wouldn’t mean you aren’t a Christian if you do it or not. Discussion anyone?

the art of self-leadership

Who is your toughest leadership challenge? Yourself.
The other day I was looking for a paper in my files. I found it in a binder right next to an article I had received from my pastor a couple of years ago. (“The Art of Self Leadership” Bill Hybels Copyright 2001) It had been about a year since I had read it. As Kelly and I read it, it struck us both how we had failed miserably with self leadership. We have been so busy trying to lead those around us and under us that we forgot to lead ourselves. There is a recommendation in the article that states, “We should invest 50% of our leadership amperage into the task of leading ourselves; and the remaining 50% should be divided into leading down, leading up, and leading laterally.” I have spent almost no time in leading myself. I think Kel has done a little better then me but probably not a lot. And you know what, it shows. I can feel it and see it in my own life and it bothers me a lot. I was doing a much better job before we left. Then we got here and hit the ground running and didn’t look back. As I look back it is a big reason why we have become so discouraged at times. I have even said to Kel that it seems that I can not hear my FATHER right now. It is pretty clear why. Take a look at the first 5 chapters of Mark’s Gospel and look at Jesus’ pattern of intense ministry. It was followed by time set aside for reflection, prayer, fasting, and solitude. You see this pattern through out His ministry. He was practicing the art of self leadership. He would go to a quiet place and recalibrate. We have tried a little to do this but it has been a futile effort, something always seems to happen or come up that we have to deal with. Why, because we are the ones people come to for seemingly everything. We have been here almost 7 months and only been gone from the school and school business for 3 days total. It is a 7 day a week job not a lot different then milking cows in that regard. But this is dealing with people not cows and frankly, cows are easier and less draining. Jesus would remind himself who He was and how much the Father loved Him. Jesus had to invest regularly in keeping his calling clear, avoiding mission drift, and keeping distraction and temptation at bay. So what is our calling here? That is part of the problem; I can not give you a clear answer. I can tell you why we came. To head up the agriculture development of the bible college. Is that happening yet? No, not really and I’m not sure when it will. How do you avoid mission drift when your mission is not clear? Maybe I am not seeing what the true mission is because I am too close to it. I don’t know. All the more reason to take the time to figure out what I need to do than implement it in the area of self leadership. And distraction and temptation have definitely been much worse in the last 3 months for me. I just had a thought of someone reading this asking themselves, why is he telling me this and what kind of missionary is he? Well, I’m just a guy, who has struggles and temptations just like everyone else; I just happen to be a missionary in Africa. I try to be as transparent and honest as possible or I should say as I dare allow myself.
There are 12 questions this article asks you to ask yourself.
Is my calling sure?
Is my vision clear?
Is my passion hot?
Is my character submitted to Christ?
Is my pride subdued?
Is my pace sustainable?
Are my spiritual gifts developing?
Are my fears at bay?
Are interior issues undermining my leadership?
Are my ears open to the Spirit’s whisper?
Is my heart for God increasing? And is my capacity for loving deepening? These are questions that take a little time to answer. Or at least answer to the depth that they should be answered. These are the questions I have had going round and round in my mind for the last several days. Still working on answers. Some of the answers I’m coming up with, I don’t like. So if I think about them some more, maybe the answer will change? NOT. It was no accident I found this article at this time. My FATHER is talking to me, which is good. I just don’t necessarily like what HE is saying to me. Definitely not the first time that has happened and it won’t be the last, I’m sure of that.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

(Sorry about the spellings!) Mariana, Fransisco, Lacy, Orin, Christian, Tamara

We had these 3 couples here for a couple of day this last week. What a blessing it was to have them here! Two of the couples are considering coming here. Our prayer for them is that God will make it clear to them what HE wants them to do. We had them over for supper the last night they were here. We had spaghetti, garlic bread, cold pop, and for dessert, brownies and cake. It was a lot of fun for us to have them. They had done a lot of ministry in the city but I think they did just as much here as they did there. Kelly had spent most of the day with one of the wives, talking about life here. She had a lot of good questions for Kelly. We shared with them some of our experiences with them as well as some of our testimony. It almost felt like we were back home sitting around with old friends. Even after spending a few days with these couples, saying goodbye was hard. They really were a gift from God. I know that wherever God leads all of these couples, HE is going to use them in a powerful way. We just want to say thank you to them for how they ministered to us. Our FATHER continues to watch over us and bring people to us to minister, how cool is that! THANK YOU FATHER!!!

Zambia Pictures

This is a link to David's flicker site. He was here in mid-April and took about 1000 pictures! He is slowly going through them and getting them online, so check back when you can. He said he has about 200 up last I heard. Enjoy!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Paul and Lori are staying when they come with there team in June. What a huge answer to prayer. It is a confirmation that GOD has his hand on them. In less than a year they raised their support, sold their house and have (most) things in place for them to come and stay. We were in their place not long ago, and we remember the roller coaster of emotions you go through the last weeks before leaving. It is a very trying time individually, as well as a couple.
(This is for you Brother Paul) One of the most important things for them to do starting right now is to be saying their goodbyes. Not just to family and friends but to their special places as well. I remember in the weeks before we left, we tried to get together with people to have some special time with them to say goodbye even though we would be seeing them numerous times before we got on the plane. DO NOT WAIT FOR LATER! It just won’t happen. There will always be something coming up to get in the way. You need to say goodbye to your job, maybe your favorite eating establishment or hunting or fishing spot, maybe a grave site. What places have you made memories at? That is a good place start. Is it easy? NO! It is very difficult, it feels like someone or something is ripping out your insides. So why do it? Because you are closing one chapter of your life and opening another. And if you don’t, you will regret it. You will always have this nagging feeling that you have left something undone. When you are done you will feel drained and empty, and you are supposed to. Will there be tears? OH YA, LOTS. Look at the tears as a cleansing because that is what it is.
Please pray for Paul and Lori through this transition time. It is a hard time, but also a growing one.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Some of the students up to play ball

Henry and Christine at the conference

The lions at Protea lodge. The one in front is eyeing Myron, then she went at the fence where he was standing.

Myron at church

Grandpa and Myron

Greta and Hailey with Zack and his friend Jen at church. He went back to Iowa the first of May. Check out what he did in Zambia at http://www.zackludwig.blogspot.com


I had the privilege of going with Kevin Rogers, a missionary in Chongwe, on one of his river ministry trips a couple of months ago. It was something I had wanted to do and I just decided to make the time to do it. Kevin picked me up at the tar road at about 8:30 and we headed east to the Luangwa River. It is 200 km from Chongwe. It was a beautiful drive out there. We stopped along the way and picked up Pastor Zulu, who assists Kevin in the ministry. We crossed the bridge and put the boat in on the eastern province side. But first we had to put the boat together. These 2 guys have it down on how to put this thing together in very little time. Our destination was about 10kms up the Luangwa then off on to the Lunsemfwa River. There had been a lot of rain as of late and it showed on the river. Kevin said he had never seen the river so full. There were all kinds of debris that Kevin had to dodge as we went along. And the river’s current was so fast that at times it appeared we were not even moving even though the 15hp mercury was maxed out. The river looked as though it was boiling. There were many that looked like toilet bowl swirls all around. Pastor Zulu mentioned that if one of the canoes gets caught in one of them, it will take them under.
Once we arrived at the village they put out the call that Kevin was there for the lesson. Kevin teaches in Nyanja, which he is fluent in. The teaching is done verbally due to the fact that very few read. So you tell a story/lesson over and over until people are able to tell it back to you. Part of their responsibility is to share the story/lesson with someone else in the next week. The lesson when I was there was on the Lord’s Supper. It was an interesting discussion that they had. It reminded me of the discussion we had at MTI on the same topic. What can you use? How often should you observe it? Kevin has noticed over the years here that it is not observed very often. By the end of the time as a group they had decided what they could use. Someone still needed to volunteer to go down river to purchase the items. Yes, Kevin could have provided them with everything they would need. But he didn’t. Why? Because they need to invest and sacrifice in it so they will take ownership in it. He knew that if he gave them what they needed, they would never do it again unless someone else gave them what they needed. In the short time I have been here, I have to say that I agree whole heartedly. Giving is not always the answer. People need to make it personal, give of themselves, their time and money. God will honor that and bless that. Who are we to deny them (or ourselves) the blessing of sacrifice?
It was a privilege and an honor to make this trip with Kevin, it will be a memory that I will cherish.
This was the boat

A pod of hippos we saw

one of the fishing villages

misc pictures

grandma helping with clothes

cutie pies

Gideon and Justine playing chess with "helpers"-they had just played Candyland with Hailey

Eve and one of her babies

the dresses

not just baby Kelly, but baby "Kelly Jo"

bird that hit the door-beautiful color!

April birthday parties-Cybil, Hailey, Myron, Grandpa

Kelly speaking at Baptist Women's Convention

Baptists dancing. Did i say that??

crocodile park

Joe next to one of te BIG ones. that's its back!
lots of babies

the master chef grilling the croc meat-a white meat that tastes like beef

the green mamba on the veranda. super fast, super deadly-no anti-venom.

underside of a black mamba

one of the big pythons

Friday, May 8, 2009

selfish list

Many of you ask us what you could bring or send us, so I am posting a SELFISH LIST. There is obviously not pressure to bring or send anything, but if I post it once, you’ll know :-). THANK YOU!!!!

If you decide to get one of the major items (besides the seeds and fun food stuff), let me know so we don’t get more than we need.

For the school:
-Tempo- powdered insecticide (in the Midwest we can get at Runnings or Fleet Farm)
-Battery Acid tester
-Welding mask (1)
-SEEDS-kohlrabi (they ate the leaves on this thinking it was purple rape and loved it!), rhubarb, musk melon, honey dew, spinach, leaf lettuce, different varieties of the usual (purple carrots for example). Please make sure it is THIS YEAR’S SEED.

For us:
-Headphones for an mp3 player
-French press, ours broke :(
-HP 74 or 74xl ink cartridges
-Magazines-Reader’s Digest, Parenting, People, Time, anything fairly recent (maybe a newspaper?)
-Oil, air, and fuel filters for 1992 Toyota Land Cruiser-we can get at Toyota dealer here, but they are about $40 a filter! The other ones are cheaper, and well, cheaper! There is a lot of wear and tear just to get to the school, so we need some decent ones. They don’t have to be from a dealer, but I think the ones at Wal-mart are even better than the ones at the cheapo places here.
-Dvds-comedies, adventure, whatever, used is fine! We have re-watched our small stack a few too many times.
-Crystal light
-Hot chocolate (a large container if possible, the packets don’t last us long)
-D Batteries
-Creamy peanut butter
-Cheerios, toddler snacks
-Jelly (grape, strawberry, rhubarb)
-Pasta mixes
-Soup mixes
-Sunflower nuts (the insides of the sunflower seeds)
-Crackers, fruit snacks for the kids
-Muffin mixes
-Coffee creamers or syrups
-Nestle Caramel Treasures
-Pedi-egg for the feet (the newer version with a handle)
-Mr. Clean Magic Erasers

For the Students:
Cybil wanted to get one of their Sunday school teachers a bible cover. They all received new NIV Study Bibles when they got here. So if you are looking for something to do for them, those might be good. They are hard cover bibles, don’t know what size covers would be needed.

Just a note for those coming on summer teams who will be bringing gifts for pastors. Please gift your gifts either to us or Pastor Henry before you give to any Pastor, student or worker. Often the workers especially will ask you for things, but have gotten it from others already. Robert usually gets numerous pairs of crutches each year; he got five pairs of boots last year (but only has one leg!). Witness got socks from many Americans last year, but 95% of the time is barefoot. It’s not that they can’t have the gifts, but we don’t want you to feel you have to give anything, feel cornered into giving. And we will have a better idea who has already gotten what, so others who have a need may get something as well.


I passed my driver’s test on Tuesday. I missed the “zebra crossing” aka pedestrian crossing. I saw it, but in my mind said, there is no one there, so I kept going. As he was writing “pass” on my paper he told me I failed. I told him this donut in my box said I passed. He just laughed. It is always good to have the baby with too. People will ask about him and start conversations and then you feel a connection and they are pretty easy to get along with and get things done.
Next week I need to go pay for my pass certificate and then wait another 30 days to see if my license is in (Brian’s still isn’t). We also need to STILL change vehicle ownership. We thought we would do that Tuesday, but the guy at the window wanted another paper, which we and the place we bought the vehicle from didn’t know was needed. So, when I go to pay for the license, we’ll try to get that done too. Then we still need to go to Chongwe to get our Alien Registration Cards.

OH, and PTL!! Davis went in and checked… and Paul’s work permit is ready, just waiting for him to come in and sign! Only 5 more weeks until they arrive! Please pray they will get the rest of their support committed (I think they are around 88%) before then so they can get here and stay here!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


One of the things we were told to do a while back was to write done what GOD is teaching us. For awhile that has not been getting done. It takes time, you need to reflect back, process, and meditate. Have not take much time to do that as of late. Well, kel asked me the other night when we were talking about things, “what is God trying to teach you?” You could say “what isn’t HE??” But there have been a few things that have stood out. 1: making this school successful on my own is NOT my job. I have been carrying a burden that is not mine to carry. That is very hard for me. I sometimes see potential pitfalls or future problems that could be avoided potentially if certain measures were taken, but it is not my job. I also do not have the authority to do anything about it. That is hard for me. When I was farming, I was owner, operator, and the only employee. That really simplifies things. When I made a decision and it didn’t work out, I was the only one to blame. I actually prefer that. That kind of responsibility does not bother me. Having to wait or not being understood or believed does. Many times with the nationals I will share things about “stuff” and you can see in there eyes, they do not believe what you are saying. And there is no way to convince them. All you are trying to do is help them, and they will not accept it. But that supersedes all cultures. 2: if someone does not want help or will not except it, you can not give it to them. I really struggle seeing people suffer or struggle. I naturally want to help. But some just prefer to do it the hard way or they are just unwilling to change. Most times that is because of pride. Pride: a cancer to the soul. The other day I had a friend/ local worker come to me asking what he needed to do to come back to work at the school. There were some things that happened here that he got caught up in but was not guilty of. His response after that to some people was not good, so I told him he needed to go and apologize to those people for not showing them the proper respect that they were due for the position of authority that they were in. He has refused to do that. I asked someone the other day if he had; he had told him that he could not do that. It is sad when pride makes you deaf and blind. But that is what it does when it goes unchecked and unchallenged for a long period of time. Only GOD can break it then, and it is never pretty. I speak from experience. God continues to soften my heart towards people I don’t really like, but HE loves.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Well, we figured out the water pressure problem, and it doesn’t look that great. We are too close to the tank-there isn’t enough downhill to make the water move fast enough. Not much we can do about it. One team left a circulation pump that we are going to plumb in to see if something like that would help.
It doesn’t look like we are having puppies. We thought if we were, it would be early to mid-May but Eve is showing no signs and we can’t feel any puppies inside, so no go. That’s ok of course, we are busy enough, but it would have been kind-of fun (once!).
Last Saturday we went to a graduation for some students who completed BTCP training. I think it stands for Bible Training for Churches and Pastors. Davis said HE was graduating, that’s why we went. Well, he was just SPEAKING at the graduation, which, since I was the one who typed his speech, I knew what he was going to say! Oh well. Brian spent an hour of that time talking to our friends Aaron and Sarah in the States so that was good. It was a very long program, even by the African’s estimates! We did get a chance to talk some to Philip, who will be moving to Zambia in the beginning of the year to head up BTCP over here for his home church in Florida, so that was good to let him know a little bit of what life has been like for us.
The students came up again yesterday to play basketball. Cybil really wanted to teach them to play, so they have been playing PIG (haven’t moved up to HORSE yet!). Hailey had to bring out some of her games too so she could teach them something-so they had Candy land, Chess/Checkers, Go Fish, and Mancala out. I am glad they have been able to come and play and visit up here some. That is always partly how I saw things in my mind-they’d be comfortable to come hang out here a bit. We just really haven’t had time to do it much. I usually have a treat for them like popcorn or candy so they rub it in to the ones who didn’t come! This last team also made a ping pong table for the groups so they have been loving that. They also come up and have barber shop as the solar at the school still isn’t working right.
Two weeks we picked up 35 chickens from the teacher at Kaziemba. She didn’t have any more money for feed, so was selling them. Henry thought we could buy them for butcher, but these are great chickens and we are getting over 40 eggs a day, so we will keep them for layers for now. We still have our other 25, and the headwoman gave a chicken to Leah, Lewis’s wife this last week, so we have a full house outside! They are feasting on the leftovers from the teams-nshima, watermelon rinds, orange rinds, etc. When the gator drives up they run to the fence now to see what’s for supper! We also have four chicks in the other side of the chicken coop with the rabbits. Eve lost her babies.
The first American team is gone now. I think they had a good two weeks; they got a good taste of the happenings at the school, did hut evangelism, had a medical clinic and a bible hour at the school. I drove them to and from the school most days the first week. It was hard to get going then with the school work at home, so that often continued into the afternoon, so I wasn’t much help to Lucy and the other ladies cooking (they had plenty of help anyway). When the next teams come, everyone will just be at the school, so that shouldn’t be an issue and hopefully we will get all our school done in the morning and be done at the campus in the afternoon. They are also only there for 5 days, not 10. We also went to town with one of the gentleman one day and Brian was running around a lot, so we got a taste of the next two months, but gets a little reprieve here as there are only national pastors this next two weeks.
Mildred isn’t going to work for us anymore. I got a text that said, “Kelly, when are you going to pay me cuz I don’t want to work for you anymore.” Now, in the states I’d probably get all nervous and anxious about what did I do wrong, why…but I have learned that that this is just the way they many of the nationals talk. Very direct, so not a big deal. I explained to Lucy that if the man who told me “this (fishtail braids) is more attractive that what you used to have” said that to me in the States, it would be a big insult! I wouldn’t have needed Milded much any more anyway-just here and there to help wash floors or special things when I get behind. I have had no problem keeping up with laundry with the new washing machine. I am sure if I ask, she’d do it, she just doesn’t want to only work for me since I haven’t needed her that much.
You know, before I came, I was way paranoid about having to have a fenced in area for the kids to even be able to go outside and play. Now, I let Hailey go out in the bush with the other little kids. They have been going to see baby Greta down the road a bit. Theresa goes with them, and she’s 11, but the rest of them are 5-7 years old. Quite a change I’d say!
I am not doing a very good job learning some of my lessons. We keep getting behind in school because I am trying too hard to do it all. Not just the house work, but also all the admin stuff. Some of it I can easily do, others take more time. I really enjoy doing it all, but I am trying to limit myself so I can focus on being a mom. I know administration is my gift, so it is hard to not use it the way I think I should. I know I am suppose to be learning to use it the way GOD wants me to, which right now is to administer the house and school and the things here. Brian always used to get mad at me for being too involved in outside stuff back in the States too. Just because I CAN do something, doesn’t mean I SHOULD.

snake season again

So I mentioned that it rained-well it has now showered off and on for three days. That means snakes are coming out again! Sunday at church Brian killed a snake in a tree. Well, he thought he did and left it in the tree. All the students came to see after church…but it wasn’t quite dead. So Brian beat it with a stick to be sure it was dead. It did lunge at him since he was already a little upset about his head being half off.
Then we went up to the house. When Joe went to feed the dogs he saw a snake head on the bin and ran. Good thing. It was about a four foot green mamba. Very poisonous, and they are super fast. Brian was able to get that one too with the machete, but it took a few tries. All the snakes are coming out to find warm places again since the ground is cold and wet.
Pictures to come!!
The bad part is that many of the nationals have started harvesting their maize. For them that means they cut down the stalk and leave it in a pile to dry. With this rain there is a chance it can get moldy. Brian is trying to let them know that they can just leave the stalk in the field and it will dry on there. Then they can pick it as they need it, cut the stalk down and leave it on the ground to work back into the soil.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

May Kallevig Prayer Requests

Dear Prayer Team,
We did it! We made it to the six month mark! It has been a very trying, growing in faith six months for us. We pray we learned many of the lessons we were suppose to learn, so we don’t have to go through them all again!
We know we would not have made it if it were not for you moving the hand of God and standing in the gap with and for us these past six months. We have so appreciated the prayer covering and the notes and emails of encouragement along the way. We know the Lord has been placing us on a lot of your hearts these last few weeks especially, and we clearing FEEL YOUR PRAYERS! What a blessing to be part of such a body of believers!

· The first American team has come and gone. They did bible lessons at the local school, did hut to hut evangelism, had a medical clinic, made beds and shelves, plumbed the bath house and made progress on the solar system repairs.
· Kelly was able to share with the Baptist Women of Zambia at their annual convention this past week. She spent the night with the ladies there and they really appreciated having her.
· All in all, we as a family have really been accepted and fit in pretty well. One of the Americans even commented that about the kids this last week.
· Our support so far has continued to meet our needs. Special gifts have come in to cover those who can’t meet their monthly commitment. We know the Lord has called us here and He is providing.
· We have a renter for our home in Kandiyohi!!

· Pray for traveling safety for the many Zambian pastors who will be coming to the college in the next 3 months for training (they will be in class with the students) and to help with construction projects.
· Pray for the students as there schedules will be intense. A two week module of class time every morning, taking care of their gardens and other work in the afternoons, then worship services in the evening, and back the next day. They have three solid months of this. Pray they will be able to retain all the knowledge they will be taught.
· Pray for traveling safety for the American teams coming over-that luggage wouldn’t be lost! Pray also for open hearts as they share in orphanages, schools, and communities through the Jesus Film.
· Pray that Kelly would not be called away too much during these summer teams so she and the kids can keep up with school work each morning.
· We have been having some behavior issues with Joseph lately. Pray for wisdom in knowing how to handle them. Pray for us to have the right heart attitude with him.
· We still have a few trips of personal business that need to be done in Lusaka. We need to try to get them in the next two weeks if possible before the next team comes.
· Pray for financial supporters to take the place of those who are no longer able to fulfill their commitments. We are down to 90% right now, and aren’t planning to be back to the US for furlough for another 2 years, so raising more support from here would be tough.
Thank you again for your outpouring to the Father for us!
In His Grip,
Brian and Kelly Jo
Cybil, Mariah, Greta, Hailey, Joseph, Myron, Henry

Saturday, May 2, 2009

what in the world?!

It's raining outside, like, really raining!
It's been over a month since the last rain.