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Sunday, September 19, 2010


I am SOOOO not good at picking colors, but have to...so you can help!

I know it is hard to really see the colors because of the photo and the flash and all that...but do tell me what you think!

I LOVE this! Black counter with the reddish stained cabinets. This doesn't change.

LOVE this green with the black counter. This is the tricky one, because it is actually a little darker than it looks on this cardboard piece. Pay more attention to the bottom half as there is less glare. Actually, if you scroll down and then come back up, it is a little easier to see.

So-will the green go with the cabinets? Lots of flash and glare on this photo on the black counter, so focus on the green and reddish.

Another try, not so much glare?

Here is a BEFORE from a few years ago. The white fridge isn't there, that's where the dishwasher will be.
So, the soffit will be green up top. There would be green behind the dishwasher and down to the entry on the right. To the left of the stove is the hallway. We will be painting that panel, probably the green and the top will be a little whitish/cream color. Behind the fridge that is up close there is wall that could either be green or light.

I suppose the soffit and the space inbetween could be lighter too, but I am digging the contrast and the green and black counter top together.
Oh, and did I mention that this green paint is FREE??

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themamacita said...

I love the colors you've picked out. The light mossy green looks really good up against the black counters and reddish cabinets. Can't wait to see pics of it when it's all done!