"This life therefore, is not godliness but the process of becoming godly, not health but getting well, not being but becoming, not rest but exercise. We are not now what we shall be, but we are on the way. The process is not yet finished, but it is actively going on. This is not the goal, but it is the right road. At present, everything does not gleam and sparkle, but everything is being cleansed." --Martin Luther

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Of course, he wasn’t overdue…just my telling of his baby story. I was thinking and wondering why people tell and love to hear baby stories in the first place. I think it is partly just because it is about one of the most wonderful things that you can do in the world, but yet it doesn’t really last in a way. Soon after you start to forget what the actual experience was (especially any pain!). So, it may be good for you that I have waited almost four weeks, especially if you don’t like too many details! :-)

On Tuesday the 26th of July I went in for my regular 38 or so week checkup. I had had a few days here or there were I felt different or something, but nothing that felt like labor at all. The week before I had dilated to three cm if I remember. That morning I was a 4-5 and my waters were bulging, ready to come out. “I don’t think it is safe for you to go home” my doc told me. I have a history of transitioning and delivering very quickly (yeah me!). I did go home and get my bag and meet Brian so he could bring me in and we wouldn’t have two cars at the hospital. I got there around 11 am and got all checked in, had a little to eat and started walking around some. My dr. came a little before 1pm to break my water. I called Brian about 2pm and said he should probably come pretty soon. I wasn’t feeling too much, but as I said, once I do it can be boom-time!
He got there and we walked up and down the hall a time or two to get him some snacks and pop then started watching TV and at 3pm or so transition started. The nurse checked around 3:30 and I was at 8cm and moving right along. She quick called the doc who came as soon as she could. About that time the nurse also asked if I wanted any pain meds. I really haven’t been at the hospital early enough to have them before so hadn’t thought too much about it. I did get a shot of Nubane (sp?) and of course am glad I did! There were a few intense ones!
At 4:07 I was finally at a 10 so it was time to deliver. It is funny to me how I just started talking matter of fact about anything and everything in those few minutes. I remember thinking that up to that point I was totally okay thinking about labor and delivery and then when it was time I had a minute of “I can’t do this!” overwhelming feeling. I know this time also felt different because of the pain meds. It relaxed me enough that when it was time to push it felt like it took a lot of effort to even get the gumption to give a push. Anyway, three minutes later at 4:10 Charles Everett was born! Believe me, it felt like A LOT longer than three minutes! It was really only about two long pushes without a break in-between. His umbilical cord was around his shoulder a little like a harness, so he could start to come out then pull back in when I would stop to breathe. Who knows how much quicker it could have been!!
They took him to get weighed, measured, and cleaned up and all that and boy did he scream through the whole thing. Guess they call it the Nubane cry. As soon as they picked him up and brought him to me though, he immediately stopped crying-he knew his momma!

We of course spent the next two nights at the hospital. Brian brought all the kids up to see us the next day. Everyone had to have a turn holding him!

He was about 38 weeks, maybe a little earlier as you can tell by all the "cheese"

Dad making the phone calls

Finally cleaned up and cozy

Henry was just so cute-had this nervous/happy laugh for the first five minutes he was there

So proud!

Greta's turn

Sweet Hailey's

Mariah trying to get a turn

Mariah, our baby whisperer

Myron's turn

Myron being Myron!


(Cybil was everyone's helper but Brian didn't get a picture of just she and Charles)

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